Relationships Ambiguity  was a digital release only in 2011.  Still very much a solo effort with some collaboration effort on the songs Economy Wasteland and Broken Wings. 

Singles- Econmony Wastemand

            - Broken Wings  of Mine

            - Home      

The Plastic Elastic Project was released in 2008.  An evolving sound captures a moment in development. Recorded at the same studios as Quartermile, this is another complete solo project.  Engineered and mixed by Randy as well.

Singles- Farmhouse

            - And I Say

            - Little Boy Free  

QuarterMile was released in 2006.  Recorded at Plastic Elastic Studios, this is a complete solo project.  Randy is the only musican on the album playing everything. A creative and inclusive sound driven by earthy lyrics.  Singles- Rememberance day

             - Dirty Girl    


New Album- 8 Tracks.

Release date June 19th 2017

Available on digital music platforms.

Music also available on Spotify and other digital players

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